Facilities & hire charges 

The village hall consists of a main hall, skittle alley, large professional kitchen, committee/meeting room and toilet facilities and has suitable access and facilities for wheelchair users.  There is portable staging available for hirers and can be used in any combination you require. There are also many tables and chairs available for use.

To book the hall call 01409 282921

Main Hall

The main hall is 17 x 10 meters with solid wooden flooring and a suspended ceiling, and can accommodate a maximum of 120 people (seated of standing).  Hall hire comes with the use of tables and 120 chairs, and use of the kitchen for the purposes of making drinks.  Use of the kitchen for cooking at a party/function, for example, attracts an additional charge (see below).

Cost of hire: £9.00 per hour 

Committee/Meeting Room

The Committee room was completed in 2011 and it has two sets of double doors that open out to the main hall. There are tables and chairs to sit up to (no) people for meetings, courses etc.  and there are ample power points around the room to enable the use of computers, projectors etc.  Hire includes use of the kitchen for the purposes of making drinks.

Cost of hire: £4.00 per hour


The Kitchen was recently refurbished in 2011, and is a modern, professional, light and airy facility with stainless steel work surfaces, a range cooker, warming oven, large dish washer, fridge and freezer and stainless steel trolleys for transporting items into the hall.  There is access into the kitchen via the main hall and the committee room, plus a hatch that opens into the main hall for serving.  Use of the kitchen for making drinks is included in the hire of the hall, skittle alley or committee room.

Cost of hire: £15 per booking

(There is also a 50 piece matching crockery set, that can be hired for £10)

Skittle Alley

The skittle alley is a separate (sized) room off the main hall with a solid concrete skittle floor and seating along both sides.  It is regularly used by three local skittle teams for tournaments but is available for hire at most times of the year.

Hire cost: £4.00 per hour

Terms & Conditions of hire

PLEASE NOTE: If a Marquee or Gazebo is used for an event this MUST be removed before dark to enable safe landing for an air ambulance at all times.
1. The Stage
A stage is available as part of the hire of the hall. Please inform the booking
secretary on booking the hall if the stage is required.
2. Cancelled bookings
If an event booking is no longer required and the Booking Secretary has not been
informed in advance, the hirer must pay for the hire of the Hall. The committee
reserves the right to obtain a security deposit.
If an event is cancelled by the committee due to unforeseen circumstances, the
committee will not be liable for loss of revenue or expenses incurred by the hirer.
3. Wakes
Use of the hall for a Wake for a deceased person from the Parish will not incur a
charge for hire.
4. Capacity
In accordance with Torridge District Councils safety regulations, not more than 120
(one hundred and twenty) persons seated, or up to 200 (two hundred) persons
standing at any one time.
5. Finishing times
In line with our Entertainments licence all events/parties MUST finish at MIDNIGHT.
6. Responsible adults on site
A responsible person over the age of 21 years must be present throughout the
period of the booking.
7. Damage or breakages
The person in whose name the booking is made will be responsible to make good
any loss or damage to the Hall or its contents during the hire. All breakages must
be reported to the Booking Secretary.
8. Accident or Injury
The committee will not be held responsible for accident or injury to users of the
9. Smoking Laws
It is illegal to smoke inside the Hall. Please make sure anyone wishing to smoke
outside the Hall does so in a quiet and sensible manner, respecting the privacy of
the local residents.
10.Cleaning - leave it as you find it
It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that the Hall is left in a clean
and tidy condition.
Sweeping hard floors before leaving, and checking that the toilets are clean. No
abrasive or chemical cleaning materials to be used on the floor. Pink Liquid (found in the kitchen) to be used only.
Care should be taken to avoid spillage of liquids. Any spills to be mopped up immediately.
Tables and chairs must be stacked in accordance with the instructions on the store room door.
11.Heating and Lights
The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that Heating and Lights are switched off and
that all windows and doors are locked at the end of the period of hire. If the
Emergency Exit door from the hall is opened during the hire, it MUST be locked
with the key from the outside.
All rubbish to be removed from the Hall, and taken with you.
13.Damaging the wall or ceiling
Do not fix anything to the walls or doors without prior approval of the Booking
14.Alcohol laws
No alcohol may be sold on the premises without a Licence. The permission
of the committee must be obtained in advance and evidence of the licence must be
displayed. No person under the age of 18 years shall be permitted to purchase or
consume alcohol on the premises.
Bars to be situated in the kitchen, but if a bar is to be set up in the hall a rubber matting must be used to protect the floor.
15.Equipment damage
Equipment may only be left in the Hall overnight after obtaining permission from
the Booking Secretary. The Hirer will be responsible for insuring such equipment.
The Hall committee accept no responsibility for loss or damage to such equipment.
16.The Committee has the final say
The Committee reserves the right for an authorised representative to attend any
17.Noise levels
This is a residential area please make sure all guests leave the Hall and
surrounding area quietly.
Thank you and have a good event.